Puppy Parents



Bravo is the quiet, sweet boy.. He is absolutely adores your attention. You will find him up front to meet people and new visitors. Very willing to be picked up and is calm in your arms. An American Cocker Spaniels possessing great confirmation and weighing in at 22lbs.


A handsome American Cocker Spaniel exudes a character of boldness and confidence. A rare, true silver in color and weighs in at 18 pounds.


Just gorgeous !! A disposition that is really easy going. Gentle with his loving and a prince in his surroundings. Leans more toward the traditional look with a heavy coat. So pleased with the way Comanche has turned out. Home bred and raised. Weighs 22 pounds.



Beauty and confirmation are carried by Cici. Leaning more to the color of lighter buff, interacting with Cici is a pleasure. Weighing in at 18 lbs.


Chula is papaw's baby doll. Bill loves to love her and she loves to love him. A win-win for both. Chula is a silver and light weight to handle. Perfect companion for all.


Ebbie is as gentle as a companion can come. She stands by waiting for the attention she so badly wants. Never was a sweeter more gentle dog ever born. That’s Ebbie.


Ellie is the get and go girl when people arrive. Her wants to meet everyone she sees and her joy comes from the love she gives and receives. Ellie has absolutely beautiful babies.


Loves her realm and keeps attention to her surroundings. Letting you know if something is out of place. Her interactions with people is soft and sweet. A "Lady" American Cocker Spaniel of excellent confirmation weighing in at 23lbs.


Margo is a beautiful, gentle natured girl that loves attention but not pushy for it. Excellent confirmation for an American Cocker Spaniel. Home bred and raised , weighing in a about 22lbs.


Paris is always willing to join the group hug but waits for the initial invitation. Then she is all in. Holding her on your lap is a delight for her and you. An American Cocker Spaniel that's beautiful weighing in at 19lbs.


Pepper is an exceptional character. She is the sweetest, most gentle company companion anyone could hope for. Loves her squeak toys and plays with them for hours on end. Weighing in at at 23 lbs.


Poppy is momma Pepper made over. A wiggle tail that enjoys people and her life to the fullest. Poppy has never met a stranger and doesn’t expect to. A beauty to behold and small in stature.


Quite a unique looking Black Sable American Cocker Spaniel. Unmatched in coloration and playfulness. When her color catches your eyes her personality captures your heart. Her babies should be something to behold!


Vega just seems to know she is a people's companion. Her dedicated attention to visitors is very noticeable when you meet her. That personality is passed on to her litters. A joy to pet and makeover. An American Cocker Spaniel of explicit confirmation and weight of 21lbs.