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Cocker Spaniel Puppies we have available for sale

New Arrivals

Jubilee & Casper's Babies
Born 3/22, Available 5/10

4 Boys available

$800 ea.


3 Girls available

$800 ea.


Blue & Boo's Babies
Born 3/23, Available 5/11

6 Boys available

$800 ea.


1 Girl available



Lady & Boo's Babies
Born 4/4, Available 5/23

3 Boys available

$800 ea.


Expected Litters

None right now

We would rather NOT ship our cocker puppies anywhere. We do this because we can not guarantee the puppy that leaves us will have the same disposition it did when it left. We feel it is in the best interest of our puppies NOT to ship. This early time in a puppy's life is a very formative time in behavior shaping especially by the time a puppy reaches 12 weeks of age.

If you live further than you want to drive I can meet you at the Indianapolis Airport where you can fly in and pick up your puppy. You can then bring your puppy in a puppy carry on bag and it can come with you on the plane. We have found out that once the plane is in the air most airline staff will let you take out your puppy as long as the people setting next to you agree. 

Airline fees for you and your new puppy is only a few dollars more and sometime even cheaper than shipping cost when you consider cost of the crate and paperwork.
We do charge a  fee of $50.00 to meet you at the airport.

If you feel you NEED to have a puppy shipped then we can make arrangements, please call for pricing.  Airlines are taking better care of our babies than what was once known so now we are more comfortable with flying.  Secondary carriers are excluded from handling our puppies so you will have to go to to a large airport to pick up your puppy.

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